Friday, July 11, 2008


We have Amish that live just a few miles down the road and during the summer we buy vegetables from them. This morning I decided to go get some fresh food. On the way I was asking the kids what kind of vegetables they wanted to buy. Possum replied, "The macaroni and cheese kind."

I believe that the kids would have stayed with the Amish. They love the horses, cows, and dogs running around. It was hard to get Squirrel back in the car to leave. Thankfully I could honestly tell them that we would come to visit again soon.


MeLeahcricket said...

Its not fair if Aunt cricket weren't about to have a baby she would be on her way. I would eat the squash and Madi would eat the cucumbers.

Netta said...

"the Macaroni & Cheese kind" is the type of answer Carmen would have given when she was Possum's age :)

so.... when is supper? hehe

Nai Nai said...

NeNe wants some too!!!