Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My Birthday

Yesterday was my 29th birthday. Possum worried the whole day that Mommy was not going to have a party and more importantly a cake. Joel went to work early and came home to watch the kids while I went to the doctor for a check-up. While I was gone he took the kids to buy me a birthday present. They looked for a dress, but couldn't find anything and so they went to the Hallmark store. He let them each pick me a card out and then they picked me out a pretty coffee mug that had my initial on it. They actually got the initial right on their own he said. The lady in the store wrapped it very beautifully for them. Joel went great lengths with the kids explaining to them not to tell Mommy what was in the present. As soon as Possum handed me the present he said, "It's a coffee cup Mommy." Oh, well. So much for the surprise. I opened it and acted very surprised. They were both very proud over the cards they had picked out and wrote in (all over).

Possum was still concerned over the birthday cake though. He knew we were going to the Gillon's for supper so he kept asking if my cake was going to be there. When we got in the car to leave he saw the camera in my bag and asked, "Is that to take pictures at your birthday party?" He just doesn't quite understand that an adult's birthday is not the same as a kid's. He also told me as we were leaving to go that they bought me a pretty dress for my birthday, then he quickly added, "Oh, I'm just kidding."

Thankfully, he was not disappointed because Hannah made me a cake. Possum was even happier when he saw that it was a chocolate cake with chocolate icing! Squirrel really enjoyed the cake. Overall it was a great birthday. Thanks Nene for the dinner. It was great. Happy birthday to Mr. Bill as well (it was his 16th birthday too!!!).


Netta said...

I am with Possum - chocolate cake with chocolate icing... YUMMMM

Happy Belated Birthday Melanie ;)

Cynthia said...

Look at my blog list and go to Ayla. They were at the FWB convention in WV. Do you know them? Her daddy is a pastors and they are friends with the Crabtrees.