Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Possum's Plans for the Future

Joel had to go to Nashville today to the Bible College. Possum got to tag along. When they left the college traffic was really bad and so Joel went around the city instead of coming down 65. When you detour around the city you go past the UPS hub. While Joel was in Bible college he worked at UPS. He told Possum all about his job loading the big trucks. Possum told him to pull over and take him inside to see the big trucks. Joel explained that he couldn't because he didn't work there anymore and that was a long time ago. Possum responded that he would just have to go to Bible college so he could work there and load the big trucks.

When they got home to pick me and Squirrel up for church Possum told me "I'm going to Bible college and I'm gonna load those big trucks." I asked him if that was the only reason he was going to Bible college. He said "No. I'm gonna learn how to preach too. About Jonah. He didn't go to the city and the fish ate him. I'm gonna preach and load those big trucks."

This will all be great. He can work his way through college!!!! We won't go broke! I pray that he keeps his positive plans for the future. By the way, he does a pretty good job preaching about Jonah!


Cynthia said...

Sweet Little boy!!!

cricket said...

Cute! Do you ever blog anymore with pictures???????

Shaun & Ashley said...

He is so smart! They both are the cutest things. Glad you have a blog since I only get to see your fam around the holidays. I joined the blog world too in May, it is

Netta said...

Precious little man :)