Sunday, December 7, 2008

A Visit With Santa

During our visit to Cricket's this weekend we took the kids to the children's museum. To our surprise, Santa was there. Possum and Squirrel do not even know who Santa is, but Possum quickly went over to talk with him. Squirrel and Maddie would not have anything to do with him. We went on through the museum and when we were getting the kids bundled up to leave Possum decided he needed to talk with Santa again. I followed him over and heard him tell Santa that he wanted a gun cabinet with a new gun to go in it for Christmas. I don't know if he overheard kids talking while playing in the museum or what, but he somehow figured out that you were supposed to tell Santa your wish list. Possum has been asking for a gun cabinet for a while so I wasn't surprised to hear that and of course if you get a new gun cabinet you need a new gun to go in it. He is so much like his Daddy!


Nai Nai said...

Sweet little boys.