Saturday, December 13, 2008

Possum's Photography

In an attempt to once again get a good picture of the kids, Possum decided he wanted to try his hand with the camera. He was very careful with my camera and actually didn't do a half bad job-for a three year old! We have not had an overly exciting week, but it is starting to get busy around here now. Last night was our adult Christmas dinner at church. We had a fun time. Tonight we are attending a party. Next week is the ladies cookie exchange here at the house and Friday is Joel's birthday. On Saturday we will have dress rehearsal for the Christmas play and Possum and Squirrel will have their Sunday School party that afternoon. That Sunday will be the play with a fellowship following and on Monday we will host the teens for their Christmas party. Sometime that week we will leave for Christmas in Alabama followed by Joel's annual duck hunting trip to Mississippi with his best friend from college. Wow! I am tired already. Hopefully during one of these functions I will get a decent family picture.


Nai Nai said...

Me Too!!!!!!!!
I can't wait to get to Winfield to rest.