Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas Play

We had our Christmas plays tonight. Possum and Squirrel's PeeWee Club recited the poem "A Time To Celebrate" and sang "Joy To the World". The Peanut and Patch Clubs performed Patch the Pirate's new children's play "Christmas Carol". All of the children and adults did a wonderful job. I had one of the teen girls to video tape Possum and Squirrel's presentation, but quickly took a video on my digital camera so I could upload it here. Hope you enjoy these.

"A Time To Celebrate"

Whether we're big or whether we're small

Christmas is special for one and all

Whether we're girls or whether we're boys

Christmas means more than games and toys

It's a time to give

It's a time to sing

Our song of praise to the Newborn King.


Nai Nai said...

Possum & Squirrel look very sweet!

Netta said...

They did such as a great job!

Zack, Meg, Ava, Lexie and Lily said...

they look so cute all dressed up!