Thursday, May 1, 2008

God loves a cheerful giver!

We finally got all of the food cooked and delivered to Granny and Pop. Squirrel had a hard time letting go of the Honey Bun cake. She wanted to keep it for herself. Imagine that! I reminded the kids that we were trying to help others and that God loves it when we do this happily. The cheerfulness was not so quick in coming when I loaded the cake up that they had helped make and smelled cooking. But the long faces were quickly changed into smiles when we reached Grannny and Pop's house. You see Pop ALWAYS has some type of treat for Possum and Squirrel. They enter the house, give hugs to Granny, and run to the kitchen table yelling for Pop to come help. On this visit that is where they stayed most of the time-the kitchen table. If only it hadn't been right before supper. Oh, well.
The last picture is of Possum and Granny's boo boos. They both had IV's and Possum wanted to take a picture of the bruises and bandages. Pray for Granny. She is back in the hospital.