Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Lunch Time

As much as Squirrel likes to get dressed up she likes to be eating that much more. She really enjoys her food. All of our conversation lately is about our upcoming beach trip with the family.
Today at lunch Possum was talking about all of the food we were going to eat while we were at the beach (I think he knows that Poppa and Nana like to eat while they vacation. Who am I kidding. They like to eat anytime!!) He was telling Squirrel that they could eat chicken and french fries with a hamburger on top. Squirrel was nodding her head agreeing with every item of food that he was mentioning. During the conversation Possum asked if he could call Poppa. When I let him call all he wanted to know was if Poppa was already at the beach without him. Poppa assured him that he was not there yet, and off Possum went to play. That was all he needed to hear. It is going to be a long wait until the trip. Only 9 days to go!