Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

I am very thankful that God has allowed me to be a mother. Possum was not sure if he wanted to say "Happy Mother's Day" this morning, but once he got started he has told me over and over again. Squirrel told me "Happy" and that was all. That was good enough for me. The sweet hug and kiss from her was all I needed. Possum made me a card in Sunday School. His teacher had helped him make a flower by tracing his hand on a piece of foam. When he gave me the card after Sunday School I was so excited. I said "Possum that is so pretty. That is your hand print." He replied, "No Mommy. That is not my hand. It is a flower. And Mrs. Regina did it. Not me."
Well, thanks Mrs. Regina! He has been learning about King Solomon and making good decisions in Sunday School the past few weeks. While I was getting lunch ready Joel asked him what his lesson was about today. He didn't really want to respond (he has been in a bad mood today). Joel prompted him a bit and he told us all about how King Solomon could haved asked God for all kinds of toys and stuff, but instead he asked God to make him wise. He really had learned quite a bit, he just needed some encouragement to share it all. Again, thanks Mrs. Regina and Mr. Bill for being such good Sunday School teachers.
Squirrel is being such a good girl today. She took about a twenty minute nap in the nursery at church this morning and has been going strong all afternoon. She will eventually crash so I am not concerned. As always, I got her ready for church this morning and she looked at herself and said "I'm pretty." Then she was off to get her little purse to put her money for Jesus and her Bible in.
Just want to wish to wish Nana, Nene, Nana Bama, Mama Brasseal, Mama Franks, Mama Gilbert, Mama Overton, and Marshie a very happy Mother's day. I love each one of you and appreciate you all.