Thursday, May 22, 2008

Trip to the Coast

What a week! Last Friday night Cricket (my sister), Madison (my niece), Possum, Squirrel, and myself started out for Gulf Shores, Alabama. We drove all night long (but it was a very peaceful ride). When we arrived Possum was just waking up and was a little fussy. I told him not to be upset because we were finally on vacation. He looked up at me and said "Mommy, I don't see any water though." After we got to our rooms I took him out on the balcony. He looked out at the ocean and sand and said "Look at all that snow." I figured that it was just because it was still dark out, but the first thing he said when he made his first step in the sand was "Look at all the snow."

Squirrel took right to the ocean. She was our little dare devil. We had to be constantly watching her. She would run right into the waves. Squirrel loved playing in the sand and of course she loved eating whatever she could get her hands on. Our last night in Gulf Shores, Nana and Poppa treated us to a sunset dolphin cruise. We had just got on the boat and I'm not even sure if the boat had moved out of port yet, I turned my head and there was Squirrel sitting in Poppa's lap eating. Since eating is one of Poppa and Nana's favorite things to do I guess she fit right in on their vacation. Wednesday morning when it was time to leave, everything was packed, and we were saying our good byes, Squirrel was the last one in the car. She sat in her stroller buckled in and said she was staying at the beach. I believe that she would become a beach bum if she could. I have even caught her since we have been home imagining that she was back in the sand. She put on her brother's sunglasses and sat in the floor with a sand bucket and shovel pretending to be making a sand castle (that she of course tore down).
Madison loved the ocean as long as Poppa was holding her in the waves. Possum was fine as long as you were holding him and the water didn't splash him. He was very worried one day that the wind was very strong. He made it his personal job to hold down our umbrellas. We also got to spend a day with Mama Barb and Aunt Gina before they left to go home and the kids got to meet their great great great Aunt Lois (Mama Barb's aunt). I had a great time with my sister Cricket (who is expecting a baby boy in July). We laughed so much it hurt. There are many more stories that can be told. The week was wonderful. Thanks Poppa and Nana Bama for our terrific vacation. It was a hit with the kids and I'm sure the trips will only get better the older they get. It is very exciting to see the kids explore new places. We love you both!


Cynthia said...

They all look like they had a blast. Miss & Love you!