Monday, April 28, 2008

Sleeping Babies

I love my kids. I love playing with them and teaching them new things.
One of my favorite things to do is cook and bake and the kids have
inherited that love from me. Normally I enjoy letting them help me.
I let them take turns pouring the ingredients in the bowl and Possum
will even count ingredients for me such as eggs. This is a good learning
experience for them. But not today!! I was preparing a meal to take to
Granny and Pop (some of our adopted Kentucky grandparents). Granny
has been in the hospital and I knew it would be a help to Pop if I took
them some food. Naturally, the kids wanted to help. Today has not
been a good day for sharing and getting along and so they did not
want to take turns pouring the cake ingredients into the bowl.
Thankfully nap time came!

When I went into their rooms to check on them this is what I saw.
I couldn't resist taking their pictures. They look so peaceful now.
To complete the scene you can imagine Papa Brasseal singing in
the background (Squirrel has listened to Papa's CD while she sleeps
since she was a newborn.). I have told Papa that he is going to have
to record a new CD just for Squirrel.

So now over the sound of Papa's music and the smell of the chicken,
vegetables, and Honey Bun cake cooking I have a few hours of peace.
Thank goodness for sleeping babies!!!