Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Pretty Flowers

Possum and Squirrel love being outside. They like to talk about how God made
everything. It doesn't matter how many times Possum has seen stars at night
he is always amazed and tells us that God made all of the stars. These pictures
were made in Nashville at Centennial Park. On this occasion, they both wanted
to pick all of the "pretty flowers" that God had made. It was a chore to keep them
out of the well manicured flower gardens. I'm sure they will never be the same after
a possum and squirrel played in them!
We came home from a fun weekend with family to Possum getting sick and
having to go to the ER. It is never fun when a little one gets sick. Thankfully
he is on the mend. This morning he woke up to tell me "My belly don't feel
better. I don't like it when my belly don't feel better." He is as tired of
feeling bad as we are of having him feel bad. He kept telling his daddy last
night that he was all better and that he could wrestle with him now. We
knew better and Joel did not want to take the chance of having a possum
get sick on him.
Squirrel had her 18 month check-up and shots yesterday and so we had
to deal with her not feeling well also. I think she will be fine as well.
We are anxiously waiting for daddy to come home from work with a
big surprise for us. We will reveal the surprise at a later time!!!