Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A Tea Party

The kids both woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. After some attitude adjusting, I thought things were better. Then Possum locked Squirrel out of his bedroom so she couldn't come in and play. So Squirrel and I decided to have a tea party with her baby dolls. When Possum saw what fun we were having he changed his mind and really wanted to come to the party. After much persuasion, Squirrel allowed Possum to come to the party with the stipulation that he wouldn't mess up the tea party. The menu for the party was "Diet Dr. Pepper" tea, muffins, and fruit. Possum had to add a manly feel to the party and wanted to grill hot dogs. What a party!


Nai Nai said...

Funny! What is wrong with Possum's arm and is that a hanky on Possum's knee?

Melanie said...

He has a sweat band on his wrist and yes that is a hanky hanging from his pants. He has a snotty nose.

Sherrie said...

Looks like fun...wish Sophie could come to the tea party!!!!!