Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Sick Squirrel

Squirrel woke up from her nap yesterday with a fever. As the day progressed she got worse. By bedtime her temperature was higher and she was obviously in pain. She wouldn't really tell us what was wrong though. This morning her temperature was very high and Joel and I quickly agreed that she needed to go to the doctor. After testing for several things it was decided that she has severe tonsillitis. She is a very needy girl when she is sick and so I have spent most of the day holding her. I pray that she will rest tonight.


Nai Nai said...

Poor Squirrel, I hope she gets better soon. Love you!

Netta said...

I suggest.........you make the most out of the awful situation and hold and rock and love... because, as you know......cleaning and scrubbing can wait until tomorrow, because babies grow up, we have learned to our sorrow !

Hope she feels better soon.

Zack, Meg, Ava, Lexie and Lily said...

aww, poor Squirrel.. hope she feels better soon!