Saturday, April 25, 2009

Possum's First Tournament Part III

Possum filling the weigh-in bag up with water.
Daddy handing the catch of the day down.

"This fish is so heavy."

Squirrel decided to lend her brother a hand.

Weighing the fish in.Father and Son proud of their one fish of the day!

It was a rough day on the lake. The temperature was high and the catching was low. That didn't keep Possum and Daddy from having a good time though. They both came in to the weigh-in with smiles on their faces. I believe that there was more eating and talking going on than fishing! Even though they didn't win the tournament I think they both will tell you that they had a wonderful time together.


Cris said...

What a wonderful time he had!! Joel is such a good Daddy. I am so glad Jonathan gets these kinds of experiences. I wish Bailey loved the outdoors as much as your two. He can't help it though, he gets that from me.