Friday, April 24, 2009

Possum's First Tournament Part I

Possum has been at Fishers of Men tournaments since he was born. Joel and I began working with FOM while I was pregnant with Possum. Both kids love going with us to do the tournaments. In the bathtub they play like they are having their own weigh-ins with their toy fish. They know what they are doing! Possum asked Joel during last season if he could fish a tournament with him. Joel told him that he would do his best to get someone else to run the Legacy (adult/kid) division this year so they could fish together. Jeremy, our South Central Kentucky director, agreed to run this division. All of that to say that this weekend is Possum's first tournament as an angler! He is very excited. Tonight was the pre-tournament meeting and he won a reel and a goodie bag full of tackle. He was eyeing the trophies and said that he was going to win them to bring home and put in his room. I have his lunch box packed (he is a little like his mommy and we eat when when we fish) and he is sound asleep, resting for the big day. I hope that I will have more pictures to share tomorrow of some big fish.
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*Check out our FOM website too.