Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Sesame Street Live

I had all three of the kids piled on my lap!

Bubba Love even enjoyed the show!
Poor Squirrel was not feeling well.Possum was so excited when he saw Dorothy (the fish).
The observant Possum quickly realized that this was not the "real" Mr. Noodle.

Possum made himself at home during the show-he took his shoes off! Bubba Love enjoyed watching the confetti and streamers falling from the sky.

Squirrel was very sick and ready to go home.

Me and the kids traveled over to Cricket's house on Monday evening for a little visit. She got us tickets to see Sesame Street Live! As always, the kids had a great time playing together and were very excited and anxious all day waiting for the 7:00 PM show. The only down side was that Squirrel was getting sick. She sat in my lap the whole show drooped over. Possum, Maddie, and even baby Kenzie enjoyed the show! Possum was a little disappointed that he didn't get to see Snuffie. He got to see all the other characters, but realized the one that wasn't there! Possum decided that Elmo was his favorite and Squirrel said that Zoe was her favorite because she was wearing her favorite color pink. It was fun to see their faces light up when their favorite characters from TV appeared for real in person. The videos are clips from the show. I mainly put them up for the kids to enjoy, but if you like Sesame Street watch and enjoy!