Sunday, January 18, 2009

When I Grow Up

I have been a bad blogger lately. Not much exciting going on here. I started this past week with a nasty stomach bug and then it got really cold here so we have been stuck indoors all week long. I made the kids pose for a few new pictures to post and these are the best that I got.
Possum said to tell everyone on the "bwog" that he has a headache from hunting a deer. He proceeded to tell me a really big story that I couldn't remember and get right if I had to.
When we got home from church tonight the kids were at the kitchen counter going through their goody bags from Marshie and somehow we got on the subject of growing up. Squirrel is going to grow up and get married and have a baby. Of course Joel started fussing with her about it. He told her that she couldn't get married because she was his baby. She sweetly told him that she would always be his baby. She was very insistent that she is going to get married and have a baby. I couldn't help but crack up at a 2 year talking about such things. Possum was trying to figure out the whole nephew/uncle thing. I tried to explain it, but I'm not sure if he gets it. He really didn't say much about when he grows up. I think he enjoys his life as it is. Who wouldn't? I think Possum would make a great writer. He has such an imagination. Joel and I saw a commercial for a funniest child contest. Possum could definitely win. Put him on the stage and let him tell a story!
Maybe something interesting or funny will happen this week so I'll have some new blogging material. Right now it is pretty boring around here unless I can videotape one of Possum's stories!


Nai Nai said...

Loved it anyway

Cris said...

I feel the same way. There is nothing exciting going on with us so I haven't been blogging much. I will have to video Avery walking though. He is walking so good now. Well I hope something exciting comes up so we can see more pictures.