Monday, January 19, 2009

Just a Chillin'

Possum was being silly as usual tonight. He was trying to close one eye and act like he was Patch the Pirate. This was the only picture I got with both eyes partly opened.

Squirrel's security blanket-a piece of pig material that Cricket got her. She loves this thing and drags it around the house all day. One day you will see this material and a pacifier show up at her wedding. I will remind her of the attachment she had to the two things!

A pretty Squirrel

Joel had a board meeting tonight and me and the kids have just been hanging out. Possum wanted to take some pictures, but they were not blog worthy! It snowed here this morning, but then the sun popped out and it vanished. We didn't even get out in it for a picture. It is just too cold! We are supposed to get some more snow tonight, so maybe we can try again tomorrow. The video is just of the kids being silly. Enjoy!