Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sunday Best

These are just some snapshots that were made before church this morning. The kids enjoy making pictures as well so there are some snapshots of Joel and I that they made. I am uploading quite a few pictures but some of them were just too cute or funny not to put on here.
My favorite of the two of them!

Love Squirrel's expression here! So happy!!

My little man! I can see him growing up each day. A funny from this week...Squirrel loves pigs. She has a collection of stuffed and glass pigs. When she sees a pig she goes wild. We were at the grocery store this week and there was a large stuffed pig sitting in the meat department. Squirrel of course goes crazy. Possum very seriously looks at her and says "I like pigs too. Bacon and eggs on my plate for breakfast. That's how I like pigs." I about lost it. That boy cracks me up!

Joel wasn't feeling like a picture party this morning!

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