Saturday, May 14, 2011

House Makeover

We have lived in our house for ten years now. Ten years and two kids later it was way past time for some upkeep on the house on the hill! The flooring as you come in the front door was in bad shape (so bad that I tried to hide it under a rug), the carpet in the living room was to the point that professional cleaning wouldn't even help it, the kitchen and dining room floors were livable but getting some rough spots on them, and the walls were way beyond needing a good painting. I handle most of the bookkeeping around here and I realized that the time had finally come that we might could handle some repairs. Little did I know that when I told Joel this that it would mean we would start the next day. A few days into the work he confessed and told me that he was afraid that if we didn't start immediately that I would change my mind! He knows me well!!!

What a week this has been. Our living room, kitchen, and dining room are all open with tall vaulted ceilings which had to be painted. Oh what a pain!!! Thankfully Pawpaw and Mawmaw Overton arrived Monday morning to help. Pawpaw came right in and started painting the walls and Mawmaw of course tried to keep everything clean.
We had stuff piled the garage, back deck, bedrooms, closets...wherever there was extra room.

Nasty carpet gone!!!!

Pawpaw and Joel painting and staining the trim. Once again notice the nasty carpet is gone!!!

We thought that we were going to be able to leave the flooring down in the kitchen and dining area and lay the floor over it, but once the carpet was up we noticed that the floors were different heights so the linoleum had to go. Mr. Andy had to come give us some help.

Yes, they used shovels, hammers, saws, and alot of other tools to get that crazy stuff up.

Mr. Chris working hard putting the new floor down. We couldn't have done it without his help. He certainly knows what he is doing!

The kids even helped. They eagerly hammered the nails down into the boards.

You just about had to climb over furniture to find a bed, that is IF your bed wasn't covered with stuff. We have slept here, there, and everywhere this week. One afternoon we couldn't find Squirrel and Joel went looking for her. He found her in the small floor space of her bedroom. She had taken her nasty clothes off and climbed into her sleeping bag and was fast asleep. We have all been worn out this week!

The after pictures
Everything isn't totally finished in these rooms yet, but it is good enough to show. I am beyond pleased with everything so far. Did I mention yet that the nasty carpet is gone? I'm so thankful that we were able to do this and for everyone who helped us work this week. I know we will enjoy these updates to the house and maybe Joel's allergies will be a little better with that nasty carpet gone!

View from the front door

Looking from the laundry room

View down the hallway

I should have called this post: EXTREME HOME MAKEOVER- FRANKS' EDITION!!!!