Saturday, October 9, 2010

Possum's First Official Deer Hunt

Today is youth deer hunt day in our area. This is Possum's first time to officially get to hunt with a gun. We have had him in a shooting house since he was 3 months old so this is nothing new to him except now he is armed! We borrowed a little gun for him to use from some friends and Joel has practiced with him. He is actually a pretty good shot! I don't know why I am so surprised....he is just like his Daddy!!!

This was made very early this morning. Possum, who is generally not a morning person, hopped right out of bed and ran to get his clothes on. I don't know who was more excited him or his Daddy?!? I guess I am actually excited too because after I took these pictures and saw them off I couldn't go back to bed (and I'm generally not a morning person either!).

I can't wait to hear about their morning and hopefully (and prayerfully) we will have more pictures to show off later!

I think Possum looks a little Elmer Fudd like with that great big orange cap on!