Thursday, July 2, 2009

Squirrel's First Haircut

Possum was due a haircut today and Joel suggested that I get Squirrel's hair trimmed while I was there. This was the first time for Squirrel to have a pair of scissors to her hair. Mrs. Debbie has been cutting Possum's hair every month since he was a month old, so Squirrel had seen the process a few times. When her Daddy mentioned that she get a trim, Squirrel screamed and cried. I think she thought we were going to have all of her hair cut off like her brother's. Thankfully she had warmed up to the idea by the time we got to Mrs. Debbie's. She sat in the chair like a big girl and watched it all in the mirror. I think she likes going to the beauty shop now! Please pray for Mrs. Debbie as she has recently found out that she has cancer and has begun treatments. We love Mrs. Debbie and appreciate her so much!


Netta said...

How sweet!!!!