Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Independance Day

We have been trying to explain to the kids what the Fourth of July means to us. They haven't quite gotten it yet.

Me- "Possum, what is the Fourth of July?"

Possum- "It's a day of celebrating."

Me- "Celebrating what?"

Possum- "Celebrating all the days after Easter."

Me- "No Possum. That's not it."

Possum- "Oh, we are celebrating the fireworks that we're gonna see tonight."

I guess we'll keep working on our history lesson. The kids and I made the flag garland that we hung on the front porch. After we got it hung, Squirrel would walk back in the yard and gaze at it. I think she liked her work! Possum said that it looked like we were having a real celebration party now!

I am very thankful for my freedom and for the ones who have given their lives to make it possible. Hope everyone has a wonderful day of celebrating!