Sunday, May 10, 2009

My Mother's Day

The cards that the kids picked out for me. The yellow card was from Squirrel. Joel said she based her decision on the little girl on the card. The other card is from Possum. Joel read several cards to him and after he read this one Possum picked it.

The pajamas that the kids got me. Squirrel picked out the pants. They have kitty cats all over them. Possum picked out the top with Felix the Cat. At least they had the same theme going on! They were so proud of them and made sure I knew which piece that they picked out.
The only reason I am posting a picture of myself is to show off the new dress that Joel got me. He picked it out by himself and it is beautiful or as Squirrel says "petty dress".
My most favorite son in the world!
My most favorite daughter in the world!
Mother's Day started yesterday evening for me. Joel had taken the kids shopping earlier in the week (without me knowing) and believe it or not the kids had kept this a secret all week long! We had to go to Bowling Green for a meeting yesterday and afterwards Joel was saying that they needed to go shopping to buy me something. I told them that they didn't have to buy me anything and Possum replied, "But we already have bought you something Mommy." This was the first they had mentioned all week so I was pretty impressed with their secret keeping skills. When we got home Joel went ahead and let them give me their present, the pajamas. They were so happy with themselves and quickly wanted me to try them. The rest of the evening they would remind me of what piece they had picked out. Later Joel surprised me again by giving me the dress. He wanted to make sure it would fit and give me time to press it so I could wear it to church today. They definitely surprised me with the gifts and I am so thankful for it all. I am very thankful for the children that God has blessed me with and I'm proud to be called Mommy!