Friday, May 8, 2009

Leah's Graduation

Leah and Jim

Leah and Squirrel
Joel and LeahMe and LeahLeah and her MomPossum slept through the graudation ceremony. This is the 2nd ceremony of Leah's that Possum has slept through (the 1st being her wedding).
Leah graduated from Free Will Baptist Bible College today. It is hard to believe that the young girl that we met when we first moved here is now married and a college graduate. I have many great memories with Leah. From the first time we took her out of the state of Kentucky to camp to her learning how to drive in "Old Green" to moving her in to the dorm her first year of college. I could go on and on...
I am so proud of Leah and what she has allowed God to do with her life. This was a big day in her life and I'm glad that we could spend it with her. Please pray for Leah and Jim as they continue to seek God's will for their lives and allow Him to use them. Congratulations Leah!!


Netta said...

Beautiful pictures Melanie! I almost feel like I was there.... I slept through her graduation too :(

Those babies look awfully pretty in red!