Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A New Friend

Possum and Squirrel have made a new friend. Sophie is the daughter of one of Nai Nai's friends. They adopted her from China last year. She is still learning English and is too cute and funny. The kids have really taken up with her. They have also taken up with Aunt Linda. This is MawMaw's sister (that would make her the kid's great-great aunt). She has really helped me out with the kids. She kept them today for me while I took Nai Nai to the doctor and hospital for more x-rays. Squirrel came out of Aunt Linda's house with an arm full of bracelets and a purse full of make-up. She was loving it! It brought back many memories for me because when I was little I used to come out of Aunt Linda's house full of jewelry and make-up too!
Nai Nai is worn out tonight. The day was a bit much for her. We are waiting to see what the new x-rays show from today. She is trying to rest now. Keep praying for her!


Sherrie said...

The pictures turned out great!!! I hope Nai Nai sleeps well tonight!!!!