Saturday, November 5, 2011

Squirrel's 5th Birthday

Squirrel turned five on October 20th. My how time passes so quickly! We were traveling home from Knoxville on her birthday. Before we left that morning Joel took her on their traditional birthday breakfast date. When we got home we had a little celebration with a birthday cake that Nana made her before we left that morning.

Showing off her pigs that Nai Nai made her.

A new Rapunzel doll from Daddy and Mommy.

Because I came down with a terrible case of strep throat when we got home we had to postpone the birthday party. Squirrel showed how much she is growing up when through tears she decided on her own that we needed to postpone the much anticipated birthday party because I was so sick. We finally got to celebrate last week and I'll get those pictures up soon.