Friday, July 29, 2011

June and July

June and July have flown by around here. The month of June held Fishers of Men tourneys, state meeting, two camping trips, and Possum's birthday. July began with a Fishers of Men tourney and then we left for camp at The Wilds.

I tried to get a good picture of Joel and I, but everyone ended up like these!

Me and the girls

We got hooked on the coffee at The Wilds! One last cup for the road.

We went straight (as in didn't come home) from camp to North Carolina for the Nationals. I don't have any pictures to share from that, but trust me we were there. We got ready to leave from the Nationals to come home and Joel surprises me and sent the kids back home with his mom so he could take me to Charleston for my birthday to see some lighthouses. Boy was I shocked!

We both fell in love with the area and definately want to go back some day to explore for longer than our quick trip of a day!

Someone want to buy me this house?

We stopped by this old plantation to take a look around. I love these old trees with the Spanish moss hanging from them.

The Hampton Plantation

This old tree was going to be cut down, but while George Washington was visiting this home he convinced them not to cut it down. So cool!

This is another lighthouse way back in the distance. We didn't realized that you had to actually take a boat seven miles out to see it up close. Oh well. This means we will have to go again to see it!!

Another beautiful home.

We arrived home on Saturday afternoon from out two weeks away and on Sunday after church the kids and I left so that I could drive my Mom, MawMaw, and the boys to Michigan to visit my sister.

While there we had a professional photo shoot modeling Creations by Cricket creations.

We came home from Michigan in time for church on Wednesday and I have been trying to get the house back in order and clean. Maybe this will explain the lack of blogging. Just too busy lately, but maybe now life will get back to normal.