Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Our December So Far...

We have had a full December already. Here are a few pictures of what we have been up to. The kids did get to ride in the city Christmas parade and maybe I can find a few pictures to put up here for all to see.
This was Possum's seatwork one day. He was supposed to fill the lines with letters/words but as you can see he left enough room for a little picture. Of course you can see what is on his mind!

One of my last meals before my surgery....smoked ribs with Dreamland sauce!!!!
Followed by pies of course!
Possum pretending to be Santa!
Joel always cuts down our Christmas tree. He is known to cut down HUGE trees, but I requested a small tree this year since I was having surgery and wouldn't feel up to cleaning up a big mess. This is the tree he and the kids picked. I refer to it as our "squirrel" tree because Squirrel insists that she picked it out!

My little elves that decorated the tree.

Our first snow of the year. The kids were excited about making snowangels.

Joel had a board meeting tonight and since I'm not supposed to be doing much work I had some helpers in the kitchen. I sat and supervised. Notice my superhero fireman that helped!

Notice the spaghetti left on the elephants face!