Friday, October 30, 2009

Virginia Trip

We have been gone the past week to Richmond, Virginia for a reunion/preaching conference. On Friday evening we started off on our trip and made it to Knoxville to spend the night at PawPaw and Nana's house. Uncle Tommy and the boys arrived not long after we did and on Saturday morning we all got up early and our caravan headed for Virginia. As we traveled we got to look at the beautiful creation that God made. The fall foliage covering the mountains were gorgeous. When we arrived in Richmond we quickly checked into our hotel, changed clothes, and headed to the church where the reunion was taking place. Joel got to see friends that he grew up with and hasn't seen in years while I got to meet the people that I had heard so much about over the years and now can call them my friend as well.
Joshua, Possum, and Squirrel resting at the hotel.

Dad, Heather, Mom, Anna, Janet (and baby girl), Tommy, and Joel
Caleb, Uncle Tommy, and Squirrel
On Monday PawPaw drove us around and showed the kids their old house, Lake Salisbury, and other sites that he remembers. Then we had to drop PawPaw off at the airport for him to fly to Switzerland on business. While we were at the airport Possum decided he needed his picture made with this army plane.

After we got PawPaw dropped off Nana decided to show the kids around downtown Richmond. This is a statue that is in front of the old capitol building.
The old capitol building
Old building????
Old church????
Statue of Stonewall Jackson that is on Monument Avenue
Beautiful trees
The preaching conference was great and it was a joy to see old friends again. We enjoyed getting to spend time with family as well. After a long ride home yesterday we are glad to be at home and resting today!