Sunday, September 20, 2009

Steve and Christa's Wedding

Steve and Christa's wedding was yesterday. Everything was beautiful. Possum did a great job and well Squirrel did a job!

Before the wedding...Squirrel had rollers all in her hair.
The kids with Poppy.

No one told them to hold hands. They were just being sweet on their own!
Squirrel and her Daddy

Possum and his Daddy

The ring "barrel"

Squirrel eating a goldfish cracker before she walked down the aisle.
Possum was worried that the leaves the girls were throwing was going on the carpet instead of the aisle runner!
Eating her one last goldfish cracker.
One of the girls lost her paci and so Squirrel decided to help her out.

Checking the good smelling food out!


Cris said...

McKayla had to have a snack to keep up her energy! I don't blame her and I love receptions too!!! They are beautiful.