Sunday, August 9, 2009

Playground Phase III

To say we have been busy lately is an understatement! Joel has been telling the kids for a while that he was going to work on their playground, but there is never any time. On Friday he came home from sitting at the hospital with Pop and with blood shot eyes he began working on Phase III. Phase I was the actual base with the swings, Phase II was adding the posts and support beams, and now Phase III was the ramp leading up to the slide platform and the slide. I don't know when he will have time for Phase IV, but at least the kids can slide now! I wish I had taken pictures of each phase so you could see the progress. I also wish I had taken pictures of all three of them in their working overalls!

Squirrel was all tuckered out after an afternoon of building!


Nai Nai said...

The slide looks huge!!!! Looks like lots of fun.. Love yall...Kam was not happy with his first day og school in a uniform.