Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My Handyman

Let me start this post by saying I have been doing some heavy duty spring cleaning. I did several things yesterday, one of which was cleaning mine and Joel's bathroom extensively. I washed down the walls, cleaned out the linen closet and under the sinks, and painted the ceiling. We have several old water stains on our ceilings from when shingles got blown off the roof and we had never got those stains cleaned up and repainted the ceilings. I decided that is was time. I was tired of looking at the stains. Anyways, I had worked long and hard on that bathroom.

Fast forward to today. One of the sinks in our bathroom had been dripping and Poppy told Joel how to fix it. Joel was brushing his teeth after supper to go back to church for a counseling session this evening and I guess he decided it was time to fix the leak. He sent Squirrel after a tool and he had his sidekick Possum looking on. I was in the kitchen when Joel started yelling for me to come. Then I hear Possum screaming. This was not a fun scream. This was a scared, something is wrong scream. Then Possum comes running down the hall to me. Knowing Joel like I do, I'm just sure that I'm going to walk into the bathroom and see him with blood all over him. I run to the bathroom bracing myself for what I'm going to find and was very surprised. There is Joel with water gushing towards the ceiling (yes the ceiling that I had just worked on yesterday to get rid of water stains). The bathroom was flooding! He got the water turned off and when I realized that he was okay, with no blood coming from any body parts, all I could do was laugh and ask if I could please take pictures. Then as I was mopping water up all I could say was "My clean bathroom that I worked so hard on". Oh well. It's still clean. Just a little wetter!

If you need a handyman......think twice about calling us!!


Nai Nai said...

Don't you know Preacher's are not handymen.LOL

Netta said...

At least there was not blood involved hahahaha